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Terms and Conditions

Bec Bakes 



  • IN STORE PICK UP - Our pickup times are strict and if you forget to pick up your order, it is not our responsibility to send a reminder. If you miss the pickup window you may collect the next day. 
    • Tuesday 13/2 between 3pm - 6pm
    • Wednesday 14/2 between 8am - 11am. 
    • Please read below to 4. DELIVERY for all our delivery T&C's. 
    • If you select a delivery location outside the Sutherland Shire, we will refund your delivery amount and will automatically change your order to a pickup. 


  1. ABOUT
    • Bec Bakes Cronulla (‘Bec Bakes’) sells cakes, cupcakes, slices, cookies and other sweet products through her baking and shop-front premises at 27 Cawarra Road, Caringbah NSW 2229. Bec Bakes trading hours are listed on the Bec Bakes website and are subject to change.
    • These terms and conditions apply to all ordering, pick up, in-store and delivery processes and the customer is deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions at the time of ordering their pick-up or delivery order, or when the customer attends the shop-front to purchase Bec Bakes products.


      • All orders must be placed through the Bec Bakes website (
      • By placing an order you agree to all terms and conditions listed on this page. 
      • When placing an order, full payment is required.
      • If required Bec Bakes will send an email to ask any questions using the same email address which was provided when placing the order. If the email address is not correct or the customer does not write back, Bec Bakes has the right to make decisions and changes on behalf of the customer. 
      • Please note that strictly no orders will be taken in person / in store / via social media. Any order enquiries received via social media platforms may not read.
      • Photographs or other items of inspiration may be attached to the order form, however as Bec Bakes products are handcrafted and some decorations are affected by matters outside Bec Bakes’ control, including but not limited to flowers in season, the product may vary slightly from the original design and the customer acknowledges this variation.
      • It is the customer’s responsibility to read and thoroughly check the order to ensure the product, order details, delivery/pick-up dates and times are correct prior to placing the order.
      • If the customer is to collect their order/ notify with minimal amount of time and the wrong date has been selected Bec Bakes will try her best to accomodate although can not guarantee anything can be done. 
      • On the chance the order can be fulfilled Bec Bakes will charge the customer an additional 50% of the product cost to cover staff costs etc.  
    • 'Design your Cake' ordering 
      • If the cake submitted contains fondant Bec Bakes has the right to cancel the order, refunding the full amount to the customer.
      • If the cake is to a theme, the customer must provide props and/ or figurines to Bec Bakes to place on the cake. 


    • Bec Bakes trading hours are listed on
    • At the time of placing an order, the customer will nominate a time to pick up the product between the trading hours for that day.
    • The order must be picked up at the time specified when placing the order. Bec Bakes works to a baking schedule which is organised by the time each customer has specified.
    • Any customers who fail to pick up the order by close of business on the day specified may have their product discarded. You will not receive a refund in this circumstance.
    • If the customer arrives at Bec Bakes to collect the product prior to the specified time, the order may not be ready.


    • All deliveries are made between 10 - 4pm. Please not we do not accept delivery time specifications. 
    • If you are not home upon delivery, your delivery driver will send you a text message to inform you that your delivery has arrived. The driver will leave your order in a place he feels is safe and suitable (PLEASE NOTE - if you live in an apartment building and are not home your order will be left at the main door.
    • Once a text message has been sent to notify you of your delivery Bec Bakes takes no responsibility for lost or stolen goods.
    • Bec Bakes may use a third-party courier service to deliver products when required. 
    • Although every care is taken to ensure the product arrives at the destination in the condition it was in at the time it left the Bec Bakes premises, Bec Bakes cannot guarantee that the product will arrive in this condition.
    • The product will be delivered to the address nominated when placing the order.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the nominated address is correct at the time of placing the order and that someone is available to accept the product at the nominated address on the day the product is being delivered.
    • If the wrong address is given, an additional delivery cost will be charged. 
    • Bec Bakes is not liable for your product once it leaves the Bec Bakes premises, including but not limited to damage, sweating/melting or wilting of floral arrangements during transportation.
    • Delivery fees must be paid in full prior to the delivery date.
    • Bec Bakes operates a shop front between the trading hours listed on
    • Bec Bakes offers different cupcakes, slices and cookies for purchase each week. All cakes are made to order and cannot be bought in store.
    • Products can be bought using cash or EFTPOS.


    • All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.
    • All prices for orders are listed on the Bec Bakes website. The customer will be charged the prices as listed on the website at the time of placing the order.
    • The customer must pay the full amount at the time of placing the order via the Bec Bakes website.
    • For pick-ups, the customer may pay the balance prior to or at the time of collecting the product from the Bec Bakes premises. For delivery, the customer must pay the balance prior to the delivery date.
    • Bec Bakes accepts cash and EFTPOS in store.


    • It is the customer’s responsibility to read and thoroughly check the order to ensure the product, order details, delivery/pick-up dates and times are correct prior to placing the order.
    • Amendments
      • Any amendments to the order must be sent via email to Bec Bakes and at least 7 days prior to the pick up/delivery date with a written confirmation back receiving the change can be made.
      • If an amendment to the order is required within the 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date, Bec Bakes retains discretion to accept to reject the amendment.
    • Cancellations
      • If the customer wants to cancel the order, the customer must advise in writing to Bec Bakes and do so at least 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date.
      • Any customers who cancel the order at least 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date will receive a refund of the 50% deposit paid when placing the order back to the credit card/ debit card used to place the order. 
      • Any customers who cancel their order within 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date no refund will be offered
      • Please note Bec Bakes products are hand crafted and some decorations are dependent upon external factors e.g. flowers in season. Therefore, the product may have a slight variation from the original design requested.
      • All refunds are also non-transferrable
    • Bec Bakes products contain dairy, egg, gluten, soy, maize & nuts. Bec Bakes may also prepare and sell gluten free, dairy free and/or vegan products.
    • Although every care is taken to reduce cross contamination, all products are baked in the same premises and Bec Bakes cannot guarantee that all products are completely allergen free.
    • Bec Bakes is not liable for any personal injury suffered as a result of customers consuming Bec Bakes products.
    • Bec Bakes customers consume Bec Bakes products at their own risk and the customer accepts responsibility for any harm caused once the order is placed on the Bec Bakes website, the customer enters the Bec Bakes premises or the order leaves the Bec Bakes premises for delivery.
    • The Bec Bakes premises also contains a warning that such products may contain traces of allergens. This warning is prominently available at the entrance to the Bec Bakes premises and all customers accept this warning upon entering the premises.


    • The founder of Bec Bakes is a self-taught baker who has personally designed and created her cake and cupcake products over many years.
    • Bec Bakes requests that you respect that her products, including but not limited to the designs and decorations, have been crafted and produced by Bec Bakes personally.
    • You are not permitted to post, broadcast, republish, transmit, distribute, use or the like without the prior written permission from Bec Bakes AND without providing credit to Bec Bakes.
    • Express post typically takes 1-2 business days to arrive (from the date you select at checkout), however we cannot guarantee shipping times.  Unfortunately, delays can arise with Australia Post at times, and we don’t accept any responsibility for Australia Post delays that are out of our control.  You will receive an email confirmation with tracking details once your shipping label has been prepared.
    • RETURNS & REFUNDS: Our Cookies are made in house and due to the perishable nature, we cannot be responsible for how they are transported and stored once they leave our store.
    • ORDER CANCELLATIONS: Order cancellations must be made one week before shipping to If you are wanting to cancel your order within the week before shipping no refund will be given. 


These terms and conditions are current as of 4 Feb 2024. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please email and you will receive a response within 30 days.



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